The Lycian Way motorcycle tour in Turkey: what’s included:


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The Lycian motorcycle tour price is based on a clear understanding of all the direct and indirect expenses, there won’t be any hidden fees. The calculation is made directly by the author of the tour who personally driven the route long before leading the first group. The level of English knowledge freely allows to recruit tourists from every corner of the globe, and the guide will be happy also to practice French with participants from the respective countries. Ukrainian and Russian languages as a matter of course.

Helydonia cape top

Our price includes accommodation in Antalya before the start and after the end of the tour, as well as all the stopovers for a night in the resort villages of the Turkish Riviera according to the tour program. For the most part, it will be small guest houses or bungalows, where fresh linen and hot showers are guaranteed, as well as recreation areas in the garden with citrus trees. In the spring, the tour dates fall on the end of the orange and lemon season, in the fall we are waiting for freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

In each accommodation participants are offered standard Turkish breakfasts (Kahvaltı, which means “kahve altı” – “before coffee”), which usually consist of:

  • white bread with portioned butter, jam or honey;
  • chopped vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives;
  • cheese, boiled eggs and sometimes sausage;
  • yogurts and fruit juices, traditional Turkish tea or coffee.

On the one hand, breakfasts won’t include a wide variety of dishes due to the fact that, because of the climatic conditions, our tours are held in spring and autumn outside the tourist season. In turn, on the other hand, it will have a positive effect on restaurant pricing, where we will have lunches and dinners.

Moto tour in Turkey: the price includes rental of light dual-purpose enduro motorcycles where our choice has long been focused on the Honda CRF 250L. This is the best model for novice riders, it is easy to steer, it is powerful enough, relatively light and fitting for riding on long distances thanks to a comfortable motorcycle saddle, a long-stroke suspension, large disc brakes (important in the mountains on serpentines), with weather protection and a sufficient fuel tank capacity. Additionally, our motorcycles are equipped with custom-made bumpers to protect a cooling radiator and plastic from damage when dropped. We also equip you with a protective moto helmet and a waterproof bag for personal items on the trunk. Refueling along the route is also included. What of additional body-guard equipment should be taken into account is described in detail in the article “What’s not included and ought to be borne in mind”.

Olympos antien city

Regardless of the level of driving skills, no one is immune from falls and injuries, so we insure your lives and health for all the trip duration. Our travel is classified by insurance companies as “irregular sports activities abroad”, so it isn’t ordinary travel insurance, but “Sport class D” that includes two-wheeled vehicles driving and emergency evacuation in cases of emergency.

Also, the tour price includes entrance tickets to ancient cities and other attractions according to the tour program, namely:

  • the ancient city of Phaselis;
  • canyon Goynyuk hiking;
  • hiking to the ever-burning mountain Chimera;
  • visiting the ancient city of Olympos,
  • an amphitheater and rock tombs in Mira,
  • the church of St. Nicholas in Demre;
  • entry into the territory of ancient Patara;
  • visiting the ruins of Xanthos,
  • a tour of the Genoese fortress or a boat trip over the semi-flooded city of Simena.

Ucagiz Simena

And of course, the highlights awaiting you:

  • a half-hour paragliding with a certified instructor in one of the world best place for paragliding near the village of Oludeniz;
  • SPA procedures in the Seph Hamam, the region oldest 650 years-old Turkish baths.

During this week you are waiting for a really rich excursion program and enduro off-road travel, the really active holiday. Let’s ride, explore, discover with #motopilgrims #adventours!


the guide reserves the right to make changes to the moto tour program, if this is required by the safety conditions of participants, for reasons beyond his control, such as, for example, difficult weather conditions, emergency situations on the road or any other force majeure.  Also, the guide cannot be responsible for the actions / or inaction of third parties, such as airlines, local authorities, and residents. And finally, the compliance with the counties’ laws and legal regimes by the tour participants themselves isn’t our area of responsibility.

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