Interactive World Map to plan travelling from Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

Dmytro Kuleba presented an interactive online map with the most up-to-date information on visas, permits and restrictions in the context of the COVID-19. Even after the end of the pandemic, this map will remain a convenient tool for citizens when planning trips.

This is a map for people. Governments around the world are imposing restrictions on movement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rules of entry and transit are constantly updated. How to understand where you can go and where not? Our new map will allow the citizens of Ukraine to avoid confusion” – said the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

This interactive resource is a simplified cartographic model for displaying the peculiarities of entering the countries of the world in order to provide relevant information to citizens of Ukraine who are planning their trip abroad. The data is updated regularly, and three layers of the display allow you to check whether you can enter or transit the country.

Good news awaits us this new year: in the updated list of countries from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Turkey has returned to the “green zone” and after returning from Turkey you have not to go to self-isolation or PCR test:

Allowed. 25.12.2020 The Ministry of Health of Turkey has decided that from 29.12.2020 entry into the country by air and sea, as well as by land is possible provided with a certificate of a negative result of the PCR test for COVID-19, made no more than 72 hours before crossing the border, this rule does not apply to children under 6 years of age.

Persons who have been in the UK, South Africa, Denmark, Brazil and arrived in Turkey by land, air and sea in recent days must present a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before their entry. to the country, as well as undergo a 14-day quarantine in places designated by the competent authorities of Turkey.

From July 1, 2020, entry is required subject to the mandatory availability of an insurance policy for COVID 19, which can be purchased online, from the tour operator, when purchasing tickets, as well as directly at the airport in Turkey upon arrival.

Based on this encouraging information, we have already started recruiting groups for April in the historic enduro moto tour “Sea 2 Sky: the Lycian Way” along the paths of ancient Lycia. Join our historical moto trip!

A few words from the authors of adventure mototours

Among the many types of leisure activities, traveling on “horseback” has its roots in very ancient times. The spirit of such wanderings is also alive today, only the horses have become steel. A motorcycle, like a horse, needs to be loved, cared for, fed; when riding on a motorbike, like on a horse, you feel alive, truly, the world around.

We invite you to the world of enduro-moto-tourism. Dirtbikes and off-road adventures are in our blood, our greatest passion in life.

We were the first in the world who managed in the absence of roads not only penetrate the Kingdom of Mustang with a motor but also completely ride it up to the Tibetan plateau on the China border.

Moto Pilgrims Adventours expedition to Upper Mustang

We were the first who ride the route along the ancient pedestrian trail the Lycian Way on motorcycles in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

The Lycian Way start point

Enrich your life traveling with us with unforgettable experiences let’s ride, explore, discover with #motopilgrims #adventours!

Not included in the price and should be considered when going on a motorcycle expedition to the kingdom of Mustang

The author’s motorcycling tour to the Tibetan kingdom Mustang is the longest of the proposed adventure tours to this uninhabited region of the Tibetan Highlands. Unlike a week-long enduro trip to the historical sites of the Lycian trail in Turkey, an expedition to the kingdom of Upper Mustang requires more thorough equipment. Due to the significant number of necessary things, as well as the need to transport a spare motorcycle and a supply of fuel, tools and spare parts, we will be accompanied by a jeep with a mechanic. For convenience, I divided the lists of necessary things into categories of their application. So, let me start with the main thing – motorcycling outfit:

  1. A helmet. An open face helmet is suitable; it is lightweight, without a chin bar, with glass faceguard and a visor. Or a modular motorcycling helmet in which the chin bar flips with the visor, the only drawbacks of which are its cost and weight.
  2. Motor protection. Its presence is a prerequisite for participating in our tour, as it belongs to the category of enduro trips to a predominant mountain and rocky surface. You will need a protection jacket, knee pads and gloves.
  3. Enduro or cross motorcycling boots. Road or tourist boots will not fit, as they do not provide adequate protection for your feet and ankles on rocky roads.

Due to the large difference in altitude and the duration of the expedition the list of necessary clothes for our motorcycling expedition to Tibet is quite extensive:

  1. Sneakers/walking boots. They will be needed during our halts and walking trips in cities and towns along the route;
  2. Buff \ bandana \ road scarf for protection against dust;
  3. Rainproof pants and jacket;
  4. OR Windproof resistant jacket and pants with gore-tex membrane;
  5. Warm fleece sweatshirts and pants;
  6. light pants and t-shirts;
  7. Two or three pairs of different socks – for motorcycling boots, thin and warm for walking boots;
  8. A cap with a visor and a warm fleece hat;
  9. Swimming shorts for bathing in hot springs;

Some additional equipment:

  1. Sunglasses with polarized lenses;
  2. Headlamp;
  3. Waterproof case \ bag for documents and money;
  4. Sunscreen;
  5. Wind and sunscreen hygienic lipstick;
  6. Personal hygiene items, wet wipes;
  7. A set of personal medications and Diamox pills in case of mountain sickness;
  8. A junction box \ adapters for a single outlet;
  9. A summer sleeping bag is NOT NEEDED as we will be provided with a clean bed and blankets throughout the tour.
  10. A small 20-35L travel backpack for water, photo and video cameras, accessories and other valuable things;
  11. A large travel bag (70-80l.), packed in an escort jeep;

And, of course, each rider needs a category “A” driver’s license, as well as five passport-format photographs, one of which will be needed to get a tourist visa at Kathmandu Airport.

A motorcycle expedition to the Kingdom of Mustang will also require some additional costs:

  1. Air flight to Nepal – approximately $600;
  2. Nepalese visa at the airport $50;
  3. A deposit for an enduro motorcycle $500, which is refunded minus any damage caused by the rider;
  4. Dining, except breakfast in hotels, approximately $20-30 a day per person;
  5. At the end of the journey, tip to 4 accompanying Nepali guides is $200 for each guide, $800 per group in total;
  6. Personal expenses, souvenirs, additional activities.

Also, in the absence of off-road motorcycle driving skills, we recommend that you take a driving course in advance at any motocross or enduro school, or with a personal trainer. MTB skills will be a significant plus in mastering an enduro motorcycle. Most of our participants after the motorcycle tour become fans of cross-country, enduro, rally and other classes of off-road motorcycle trips and competitions.

These recommendations are generalized, the list of items and equipment will be individually agreed with each participant of the trip. Let’s ride, explore and discover with #MotoPilgrims Adventours!

Important Notes:

the organizer reserves the right to make changes to the motorcycling tour program if the safety conditions of the participants require it due to such circumstances as difficult weather conditions in the highlands, emergency situations on the road or any other force majeure circumstances. Also, we cannot be responsible for the actions / or inaction of third parties, such as airlines, local authorities and local residents, including for compliance with the laws and legal regimes of the countries visited by the tour participants.

Historical heritage of ancient Lycia: ‘Sea to Sky’ motorcycle tour in Turkey

Ancient Lycia

Why the Lycian Way on enduro motorcycles, what was the ancient Lycia, who were the ancient Lycians and why is it important to visit this area at least once in your life?

So, Lykia is the historical name of the Tekke peninsula that forms the southern coast of the Turkish Riviera in the Mediterranean Sea. Everything here is strewn with the remains of ancient civilizations, the myths about which we read in our childhood.

The Lycian Way on moto with Vladlen Ovchar

The Lycians

The Lycians, once ruled the area, were one of the first civilizations with a developed democracy, they were an independent and even militant nation with a developed mode of life, artistic art and a fairly high standard of living. The strategic location provided them with unique opportunities for maritime trade. After Persian rule, the Lycians welcomed Alexander the Great and absorbed Greek culture, during the time of dominance of the Roman Empire, they made another leap in the development of culture and transport infrastructure, as well as urban development, filling up cities with theaters, baths, forums, temples, and ceremonial gates. And having fallen under the influence of the Byzantine Empire at the 4th century, Christian temples also appeared on the Lycian hills.

The entire region is replete with sarcophagi, rock tombs, amphitheaters and other remains of ancient cities, making it one of the most popular places on the planet for adventure seekers and just lovers of the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Here forestry predominates, juniper is mixed with strawberry trees and carob and give way to peanut pines and cedar at higher rocks.

Kate Clow, the founder

Based on the rich historical heritage, the British amateur historian Kate Clow marked the Lycian trail based on Roman roads, old footpaths, and mule trails, and today it is included in the list of “10 best in the world of walking routes.”

It connects 19 ancient cities of the region by stoned underfoot trail laid mainly along the roads built by the Romans through the coastal massifs of the Taurus Mountains. Riding down to emerald coves surrounded by orange groves of valleys and climbing up the rocky mountain paths in the clouds, our route will pass along this breathtaking trail dotted with the objects of the historical heritage of UNESCO. I’ll tell you more in more detail about each of them on the way of our motorcycle tour “Sea to Sky: the Lycian Way” in further blog publications.

The Lycian Way motorcycle tour in Turkey: what’s included:

The Lycian motorcycle tour price is based on a clear understanding of all the direct and indirect expenses, there won’t be any hidden fees. The calculation is made directly by the author of the tour who personally driven the route long before leading the first group. The level of English knowledge freely allows to recruit tourists from every corner of the globe, and the guide will be happy also to practice French with participants from the respective countries. Ukrainian and Russian languages as a matter of course.

Helydonia cape top

Our price includes accommodation in Antalya before the start and after the end of the tour, as well as all the stopovers for a night in the resort villages of the Turkish Riviera according to the tour program. For the most part, it will be small guest houses or bungalows, where fresh linen and hot showers are guaranteed, as well as recreation areas in the garden with citrus trees. In the spring, the tour dates fall on the end of the orange and lemon season, in the fall we are waiting for freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

In each accommodation participants are offered standard Turkish breakfasts (Kahvaltı, which means “kahve altı” – “before coffee”), which usually consist of:

On the one hand, breakfasts won’t include a wide variety of dishes due to the fact that, because of the climatic conditions, our tours are held in spring and autumn outside the tourist season. In turn, on the other hand, it will have a positive effect on restaurant pricing, where we will have lunches and dinners.

Moto tour in Turkey: the price includes rental of light dual-purpose enduro motorcycles where our choice has long been focused on the Honda CRF 250L. This is the best model for novice riders, it is easy to steer, it is powerful enough, relatively light and fitting for riding on long distances thanks to a comfortable motorcycle saddle, a long-stroke suspension, large disc brakes (important in the mountains on serpentines), with weather protection and a sufficient fuel tank capacity. Additionally, our motorcycles are equipped with custom-made bumpers to protect a cooling radiator and plastic from damage when dropped. We also equip you with a protective moto helmet and a waterproof bag for personal items on the trunk. Refueling along the route is also included. What of additional body-guard equipment should be taken into account is described in detail in the article “What’s not included and ought to be borne in mind”.

Olympos antien city

Regardless of the level of driving skills, no one is immune from falls and injuries, so we insure your lives and health for all the trip duration. Our travel is classified by insurance companies as “irregular sports activities abroad”, so it isn’t ordinary travel insurance, but “Sport class D” that includes two-wheeled vehicles driving and emergency evacuation in cases of emergency.

Also, the tour price includes entrance tickets to ancient cities and other attractions according to the tour program, namely:

Ucagiz Simena

And of course, the highlights awaiting you:

During this week you are waiting for a really rich excursion program and enduro off-road travel, the really active holiday. Let’s ride, explore, discover with #motopilgrims #adventours!


the guide reserves the right to make changes to the moto tour program, if this is required by the safety conditions of participants, for reasons beyond his control, such as, for example, difficult weather conditions, emergency situations on the road or any other force majeure.  Also, the guide cannot be responsible for the actions / or inaction of third parties, such as airlines, local authorities, and residents. And finally, the compliance with the counties’ laws and legal regimes by the tour participants themselves isn’t our area of responsibility.