Not included in the price and should be considered when going on a motorcycle expedition to the kingdom of Mustang


2024-06-13T09:04:38+02:00Not included in the price and should be considered when going on a motorcycle expedition to the kingdom of MustangMoto Piligrims AdventoursMoto Piligrims Adventours

The author’s motorcycling tour to the Tibetan kingdom Mustang is the longest of the proposed adventure tours to this uninhabited region of the Tibetan Highlands. Unlike a week-long enduro trip to the historical sites of the Lycian trail in Turkey, an expedition to the kingdom of Upper Mustang requires more thorough equipment. Due to the significant number of necessary things, as well as the need to transport a spare motorcycle and a supply of fuel, tools and spare parts, we will be accompanied by a jeep with a mechanic. For convenience, I divided the lists of necessary things into categories of their application. So, let me start with the main thing – motorcycling outfit:

  1. A helmet. An open face helmet is suitable; it is lightweight, without a chin bar, with glass faceguard and a visor. Or a modular motorcycling helmet in which the chin bar flips with the visor, the only drawbacks of which are its cost and weight.
  2. Motor protection. Its presence is a prerequisite for participating in our tour, as it belongs to the category of enduro trips to a predominant mountain and rocky surface. You will need a protection jacket, knee pads and gloves.
  3. Enduro or cross motorcycling boots. Road or tourist boots will not fit, as they do not provide adequate protection for your feet and ankles on rocky roads.

Due to the large difference in altitude and the duration of the expedition the list of necessary clothes for our motorcycling expedition to Tibet is quite extensive:

  1. Sneakers/walking boots. They will be needed during our halts and walking trips in cities and towns along the route;
  2. Buff \ bandana \ road scarf for protection against dust;
  3. Rainproof pants and jacket;
  4. OR Windproof resistant jacket and pants with gore-tex membrane;
  5. Warm fleece sweatshirts and pants;
  6. light pants and t-shirts;
  7. Two or three pairs of different socks – for motorcycling boots, thin and warm for walking boots;
  8. A cap with a visor and a warm fleece hat;
  9. Swimming shorts for bathing in hot springs;

Some additional equipment:

  1. Sunglasses with polarized lenses;
  2. Headlamp;
  3. Waterproof case \ bag for documents and money;
  4. Sunscreen;
  5. Wind and sunscreen hygienic lipstick;
  6. Personal hygiene items, wet wipes;
  7. A set of personal medications and Diamox pills in case of mountain sickness;
  8. A junction box \ adapters for a single outlet;
  9. A summer sleeping bag is NOT NEEDED as we will be provided with a clean bed and blankets throughout the tour.
  10. A small 20-35L travel backpack for water, photo and video cameras, accessories and other valuable things;
  11. A large travel bag (70-80l.), packed in an escort jeep;

And, of course, each rider needs a category “A” driver’s license, as well as five passport-format photographs, one of which will be needed to get a tourist visa at Kathmandu Airport.

A motorcycle expedition to the Kingdom of Mustang will also require some additional costs:

  1. Air flight to Nepal – approximately $600;
  2. Nepalese visa at the airport $50;
  3. A deposit for an enduro motorcycle $500, which is refunded minus any damage caused by the rider;
  4. Dining, except breakfast in hotels, approximately $20-30 a day per person;
  5. At the end of the journey, tip to 4 accompanying Nepali guides is $200 for each guide, $800 per group in total;
  6. Personal expenses, souvenirs, additional activities.

Also, in the absence of off-road motorcycle driving skills, we recommend that you take a driving course in advance at any motocross or enduro school, or with a personal trainer. MTB skills will be a significant plus in mastering an enduro motorcycle. Most of our participants after the motorcycle tour become fans of cross-country, enduro, rally and other classes of off-road motorcycle trips and competitions.

These recommendations are generalized, the list of items and equipment will be individually agreed with each participant of the trip. Let’s ride, explore and discover with #MotoPilgrims Adventours!

Important Notes:

the organizer reserves the right to make changes to the motorcycling tour program if the safety conditions of the participants require it due to such circumstances as difficult weather conditions in the highlands, emergency situations on the road or any other force majeure circumstances. Also, we cannot be responsible for the actions / or inaction of third parties, such as airlines, local authorities and local residents, including for compliance with the laws and legal regimes of the countries visited by the tour participants.

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